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AMI 3-6 Assistants Course Tallinn


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Time & Location

Jul 03, 2020, 7:00 PM – Jul 31, 2020, 11:00 PM


About the event

The aim of the course – to help adults, that are interested in the Montessori education to become able assistants in a Montessori Children’s House (3-6). 

The task of the Montessori 3-6 Assistant is to support and help the director/directress maintain the equilibrium within the class.

• To observe

• To learn when and how to intervene (not interfere)

• To acquire the ability to allow the children to become more and more independent;

“any unnecessary help is a hindrance to development”

• To gain knowledge of Montessori’s understanding of Freedom and Discipline

• To acquire the ability to support the development of the child by assisting the teacher

Duration of the course program: 

Sixty hours at the Centre and nine additional hours of observation – either immediately after the course or parallel to the course. Specific topics to focus on will be given for observation.

The Course program:

• Introduction to Montessori

• The Role of the Directress

• The Role of the Assistant

• Overview of the Planes of Development

• The Child's Mind from 0-6 years, Sensitive Periods

• Order: The importance of Order and Precision, Order in the development of personality

• Movement 0-6: Development of Movement and its significance for the child

• Language: Development of, also taking into account the following elements:

• Preparation of the adult

• Use of language in general

• Vocabulary: correct, precise, rich, scientifically exact

• How to listen to children

• How to elicit language

• Independence: Development of, also taking into account different levels of independence - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, as conditions for interdependence

• Prepared environment: Home and Casa dei Bambini (the physical and the intangible)

• Freedom and Discipline: Understanding the concept of Freedom from Montessori point of view and the growth of Discipline as inner development

• Social Development

• Observation and its relevance (technique and recording of)

• Music and Art

• Maintaining the environment (indoor and outdoor)

Some time will be dedicated to the reading and discussion of Maria Montessori's texts relevant to topics given.


60 h in Training Centre including

· 3h Practical Session

· 10h Material Making

· 47h lectures, incl. reading books and discussions

Additionally 2 days of observation in the Casa dei Bambini or 3 days on the playground 9h in total.

Written Assignments:

  1. “The Absorbent Mind” to submit till the 12.07.2020
  2. “Sensitive Periods” to submit till the 18.07.2020
  3. Topic of the students’ choice to submit till the 22.07.2020

· The development of Independence

· Role and Nature of the Prepared Environment

· Four Plains of Development

Each student should produce minimum 2 materials:

  1. One      card set of own choice with puncher, envelope, box or similar
  2. One material of own choice (the idea for      this material should be approved by the trainer)

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